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Hungarian Curling Association

HCA was founded on 29th of November in 1989 as the first nation in the region. Hungarian Men's played between 1992-1996, after then - with a gap of 7 years - since 2003 participanted in group B of European Curling Championships. Our (first and current) Women National Team has played since 2003. Best Hungarian results: silver medal (MDCC 2008), bronze medal of B group (Men, Women ECC 2008; Men ECC 2009).

Hungarian players' results (select Hungary)
Hungarian National Teams 

Contact of HCA

H-1141 Budapest, Szugló u. 154.

Andras Rókusfalvy president · elnök

László Kiss general secretary · főtitkár
telephone: +36 1 383-5303
address: H-1141 Budapest, Szugló u. 154.
e-mail: office@curling.hu

International Competitions in Hungary

Here you can read (in English soon) all of international open cup and bonspiel organized by Hungarian Curling Association and EMC Ltd or several clubs at Kamaraerdei Curling Club in Budapest, Hungary from the first one, 2005 October till future venues. 

VII. Conrad HCC 18-20 November 2011 (EN)
IV. Mixed Doubles Cup 11-13 March 2011
VI. Conrad HCC 19-21 November 2010 (EN)
IV. Hungarian Bonspiel Cup 23-25 April 2010 
III. Mixed Doubles Cup 12-14 March 2010
V. Conrad HCC 
20-22 November 2009
V. Season Opening Cup 4-6 September 2009
III. Hungarian Bonspiel Cup 24-26 April 2009
II. Mixed Doubles Cup 13-15 March 2009
IV Conrad HCC 28-30 November 2008
IV. Vitamin (Yoppi) Cup 5-7 September 2008
II. Hungarian Bonspiel Cup 9-11 May 2008 (EN)
I. Mixed Doubles Cup 23-25 November 2007
III. Conrad HCC 16-18 November 2007
III. Yoppi Cup 7-9 September 2007
I. Hungarian Bonspiel Cup 11-13 May 2007 (EN)
II. Conrad HCC 24-26 November 2006
II. Yoppi Cup 13-15 October 2006
I. Conrad HCC 2-4 December 2005
I. Yoppi Cup 28-30 October 2005

About the ice rink

Kamaraerdei Curling Club is located in 11st district (Kamaraerdő), Budapest. This is the only icerink specifically to play curling. The ribbon cutting ceremony was on 31 of March 2005 hosted Mr Malcolm H. Richardson (the president of ECF in 2005) and Günter Hummelt (honorary president of WCF).

The club is open from 1st of September until first week of June every day. The building stands in the green nature, includes 2 sheets, changing rooms and bar with tables separated from the rink by windows. Opening hours: 9 am - 11 pm.


Kamaraerdei Curling Club
1112 Budapest, Susulyka utca - Hungary
+36 1 249 8160

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